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Micro Coax

Micro coax cables are found in medical devices such as ultra-sound cables or RF ablation catheters. Whilst micro-coax cables that have center conductors around 40 AWG can be mechanically stripped, smaller gages can only be successfully stripped by laser. 

Laser stripping is regularly used to strip coax as small as 50 AWG. It is often convenient to ribbonize multiple coax together to aid the soldering process to a connector or PCB. In this case, laser stripping is the only solution – no matter the gage.

Laser Wire Solutions-Micro Coax

Micro Coax

These wires have been stripped using Laser Wire Solutions technology

Discover the precision of laser stripping technology in the world of micro coax cables, where size meets innovation. From ultra-sound cables to RF ablation catheters, our advanced solutions ensure flawless stripping for even the tiniest gauges, while enabling seamless ribbonization for efficient connections in the most intricate medical and technical devices.

Market Application

  • Medical sensing
  • Ultrasound
  • Video signal transmission
  • Specialist data signals

The Wires

  • Coaxial cables used in high frequency signal transmission
  • “Micro”  = Defined by the centre conductor size ~ 32 to 48 AWG

Traditional Technology Drawbacks

  • Trimming or Cutting Tweezer
  • Scalpels
  • Rotary mechanical blades

Our Solutions

Micro Coax Centre (MCC)

  • Fast processing time
  • A full solution in one machine
  • Cables are cleaned during the process
  • Purpose built machine
Laser Wire Solutions-Odyssey-4.3-Laser Wire Stripper

Odyssey 4

  • UV laser –  Precise ablation of the insulation
  • Fixture plates to hold one or many wires (as required)
  • Quality check camera option

Mercury 4

  • Easy configuration for various strips
  • Strips wires and shielded cable ranging from 0.025 mm to 6 mm outer diameter
  • Suitable for bonded and shielded materials

The right configuration depends on your requirements. Contact our team to find out which solution suits your application.

Why Choose Laser Wire Stripping?

  • Selective removal of the layers
  • Precise geometry by software control
  • Highly repeatable
  • High yield process

Not looking to make a capital investment?
Utilize our Contract Manufacturing suite for pre-stripped wire to be delivered direct to your production line ready for use.

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