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Wire stripping for your industry

Our customers in the medical, data, automotive, aerospace, defense, and electronic sectors value our partnership approach to solving critical wire processing problems and our ability to innovate and develop solutions that meet their specific needs.

Medical Wire Stripping
Catheter Wiring, Pacemaker Electrodes, Motor Windings, Hypodermic Tubing Coatings, Fine Wire Applications, Micro-Coax Ribbons
Data Wire Stripping
InfiniBand Cables, Shielded Data Cables, Micro-Coax Ribbons
Automotive Wire Stripping
Electric Vehicle Cables, Flat Flexible Cables, Data Cables, Automated Wire Stripping
Aerospace and Defense Wire Stripping
Twisted Shielded Multi-conductors, Tough Insulations, Microwave Cables
Consumer Electronic Wire Stripping
Flex Cables, Micro-coax Cables
General Wire Stripping
General Wire Insulations, Shield Cutting, Enamel Wire Stripping, Automated Wire Stripping

Our expertise in wire stripping covers many different industries.
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We pursue an unrelenting strategy of new product development. We apply engineering expertise and process experience to develop only the very best and most advanced solutions in laser wire stripping and joining
Customer Focus

Customer Focus

Our customers are at the heart of all we strive to do. Meeting and even exceeding their requirements is of paramount importance to us.


We work strongly as a team across all disciplines. Most importantly we work in a collaborative way with our clients, to the point where we are considered a member of their project team. We also have a good rapport with our suppliers which helps us control costs and quality.

Integrity & Reliability

We believe in an open, honest dialogue between employees, customers and suppliers. We value keeping our promises.


We strongly embrace a positive and proactive problem-solving approach with results that are customer-driven.


We design and build to exacting high standards and desire only the best for our customers.


We offer configurations for non-standard applications with bespoke design for unique processes. We develop cutting-edge solutions and trail-blaze new paths in our industry.


We have a team of highly qualified laser physicists and engineers who have a deep understanding of system capabilities and years of process knowledge. This combined experience, working with a wide variety of customers and applications, means that we can confidently advise a solution that is best suited to your application and budget.
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Our Machines


From compact bench units for stripping the ends of cut wires, through fully automated wire processing equipment – we have the machine solution for you. We distinguish ourselves from other suppliers by offering you a complete solution and not just a piece of equipment. This can be summarized in the following equation:
Equipment + Process Settings = Exact Solution Match for your Wires

Gemini Laser Wire Stripping range
Custom made for cutting the shields from high tech wire and cable.
Mercury 2 Wire Stripping Machine
Designed to strip all types of polymer insulations
Odyssey Laser Wire Stripping Machines
Removes thin polyimide like coatings from medical catheter wiring and precision coils
The Viking-4 is designed to ablate the enamel insulation from round wires and rectangular (hairpin) magnet wires used in EV manufacture.
Titan Custom System - Fully automatic micro-coax ribbon preparation system
Other Machines


Modular dereeler system from Laser Wire Solutions
A powerful multi-station dereeler solution for feeding automated production lines with multiple cables simultaneously
Collaborative R&D

Custom solutions to your wire stripping problems

We love to be able to solve customers’ manufacturing problems, no matter the size, precision, volume or material. If our off-the-shelf systems are not suitable, we can custom-build one that is best suited for your desired purpose and objectives. Begin a collaboration with us by sending us your sample wires
and booking a consultation with one of our experts.

Laser Wire Stripping

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