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Laser Wire Solutions - Wire Stripping Specialist - Laser Wire Stripper
Laser Wire Solutions-Laser Wire Stripping Machine-Wire Stripper
Laser Wire Solutions-Laser Wire Stripping Machine-Catheter Wire-Medical Device
Laser Wire Solutions-Contract Manufacturing-Wire Stripping
Laser Wire Stripping
Automated Wire Processing Solutions

Your trusted partner for laser wire stripping technology. Achieve precision removal of insulation from high-tech cables and wires.

Laser Wire Stripping
Catheter Wiring

As new medical devices become more micro and the wiring becomes more complex, new methods of handling the fine wires are required.
Lasers can achieve the high precision and high quality results required.

Revolutionizing Medical Devices
Utilize Our Suite of Automated Wire Stripping Solutions

We use our expertise to offer a full production process, designed to meet your laser wire stripping requirements, and ensure that they are shipped and ready for use.

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Our Solutions

Developing Innovative Solutions for Global Markets

Medical Wire Stripping

The latest advances require packing more sensors and wires into ever smaller packages. Our solutions were built to be powerful yet gentle enough to process these wires and cables.

Medical Wire Soldering

Our solution provides you with an efficient and accurate method for selecting micro fine wires used in medical devices and detecting then soldering them to the correct area of the PCB.

All Wire Stripping Solutions

From compact bench units for stripping the ends of cut wires, to fully automated wire processing equipment – we have the lase wire stripping solution for your requirements.

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A Brand You Can Trust

With over 10 years in the business, Laser Wire Solutions is primed to help you overcome your wire processing challenges as the trusted advisor in your business.

Laser Wire Stripping
We are global leaders in laser wire stripping and as such, have a vast knowledge of the capabilities of laser in regard to wire stripping applications. 

Laser Micro Soldering
We are building on core expertise to develop cutting-edge laser micro-soldering capability at a sub 0.1 mm pitch.

Contract Manufacturing
As the machine manufacturer, we offer full production to meet your wire processing requirements ready to be used in a wider variety of medical devices.

Contract manufacturing

Utilize Our Suite of Automated Manufacturing Solutions

As the manufacturers of the laser wire stripping machines, we have a large capacity of laser wire stripping machinery at our disposal where your wires are ISO 9001 quality checked.

Laser Wire Solutions-Contract Manufacturing Suite
Laser Wire Solutions-Knowledge Center-Experts in Wire Stripping

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Sharing Our Expert Knowledge

Learn with Laser Wire Solutions. Take a look at the Laser Wire Solutions knowledge centre, packed with laser technology news, general information, help, and more.

A Smarter Way to Strip Wire

Lasers can be an appropriate alternative to chemical and manual wire stripping particularly for high value, very fine wires because it allows for a quick and precise cut with little to no residue.

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Want to do work that has the potential to save peoples lives around the world? Join the Laser Wire Solutions team. Innovation and collaboration run through our DNA. We create a culture where personal growth, new ideas and technology come together.

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