Usually found in medical device cabling where space and weight are limited.


Laser wire stripping offers a superior solution for the following applications by selectively removing insulation without harming the inner conductors:

The laser’s attributes allow for precise insulation ablation without affecting metal or leaving residue.

Case Study

A customer provided samples of Niobium Titanium and Cupronickel wires with PTFE dielectric for processing. They were currently facing difficulty achieving the results they required with their blades because of the tight tolerances. The task required a precise 2mm strip of the outer conductor and dielectric to be removed in order to reveal the inner conductor.

The processing was carried out using our specialized micro-coax centre machine. A key aspect of this project was the stringent control over the geometry of the samples, which were maintained within a processing tolerance of +/- 0.1mm.

This case exemplifies our ability to handle complex materials and deliver high-precision results in laser processing applications.

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