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Laser Wire Solutions is at the cutting edge of laser & robot technology. 

Our expertise enables the world’s leading medical device manufacturers to automate their production to enable their life-changing devices to impact ever more people.

Laser Wire Solutions - Break New Ground - Lasers and Robotics

Why Choose Laser Wire Solutions?

Throughout our company, we are always seeking for innovative, improved, and more efficient ways to serve our customers. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to deliver solutions to our customers that break new ground in laser wire stripping technology.

As a pioneering force in precision laser wire stripping and the connection of wires, we believe that lasers and automation have a pivotal role to play in the manufacture of current and future generations of high-value, precision cable assemblies.

Our core values underpin everything we do:

  • Innovative: An unrelenting pursuit of new product development. 
  • Courteous: Going the extra mile to make it easier for others; preparing in advance, anticipating needs. 
  • Honest & Reliable: Open, honest dialogue between employees, customers, and suppliers. 
  • Collaboration: Working strongly across all disciplines, in a collaborative way. Promoting a culture of cooperation and community.

Our People

We deliver exceptional experiences for our clients, partners and employees, where we commit to making a positive impact. 

Our Story

We are dedicated to simplifying the wire stripping process by designing ground-breaking solutions for our customers around the world.

Our Awards

These awards we have received and been nominated for demonstrate our commitment to excel in all areas.

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