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Find out all the answers to the most frequently asked questions, covering everything from the wires we can strip, placing an order, and after sales support.

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General FAQs

The laser radiation is strongly absorbed by the wire insulation immediately vaporizing it. The conductor or shield is highly reflective meaning that there is no conductor damage and the stripping stops once all the insulation is removed down to the conductor / shield. To cut shields, different types of laser are used which are strongly absorbed by the metal shield.

Increasing your manufacturing capability with new products and processes; bring an existing laser stripping process in house to drive down costs; improve existing processes in terms of quality and/or productivity; use the technology to push the envelope in terms of your innovative product design.

  • Small wires where mechanical tools no longer cope—typically below 36 AWG
  • Wires with bonded insulation – e.g. polyamide / enamel coated wires
  • Windows – the laser can generate a window cut easily where mechanical solutions struggle
  • Out of round cables – blades and dies cannot be used
  • Tough insulation materials such as fibre glass
  • Small shielded cables – micro coax, especially when ribbonized
  • High value, high precision medical devices and cabling such as ultrasound cables, RF ablation catheters or pacemaker electrodes
  • When strip quality is paramount – no nicks, no damage, no residue
  • Complex strip patterns where other means are impossible
  • Ribbonized cables – especially when a window strip is required or the insulation is bonded

The laser radiation is completely enclosed in a laser safe housing in the same way that a CD or DVD player is—making it safe for use on the shop floor. Potentially harmful fumes are extracted and filtered by a HEPA and carbon filter to make the air safe for return to the factory. All our equipment meets and exceeds UL, OSHA and EU legislation.

Yes. As of 2023, our whole company became ISO 9001:2015 certified. This means you can be confident that your wires processed through our laser ablation service and/or machines built by our team have undergone quality checks before reaching you.

Product FAQs

As a rule of thumb we can strip any wire. The Mercury machines do pretty much all wire insulations with the exception of enameled wires which are stripped by the Odyssey, and shields which are cut by the Gemini. For micro-machining of medical polymers – we have some custom solutions.

There is a vast array of wire types and materials and we are always happy to give you a specific suggestion, but most times we need to have a wire sample to be 100% sure of the best solution.

Not necessarily. As well as designing and selling laser wire stripping systems – we also have a dedicated Contract Manufacturing department.

With both automatic and manual stripping systems we can handle production volumes from the few one off pieces up to monthly full production.

All our equipment is covered by a full 12-month parts and labor warranty. The average life of a Mercury system is 30,000 to 40,000 hours based on power-on time, not run-time. For the Odyssey-4 system the lifespan is approximately 10,000 hours based on UV emission time.

There are no routine services required. On a periodic basis (typically every 6 months) it makes sense to inspect and clean the internal optics. The scan lenses in the process area should be wiped with supplied lens tissues when required. To clean and service the optics/scanner on your behalf would be half a day’s work at our standard rate.

The machines do not have parts that need regular replacing. Moreover, the machines are made from commercially available components – not custom controllers, or hand made robot stages. We give the supplier details for all components, so you have the option to buy them direct if you so choose.

To comply with health and safety requirements, air extraction must be provided when using any laser wire stripper in order to prevent fumes escaping into the factory or lab environment. It is the responsibility of the end-user to ensure that adequate fume extraction is employed.

If this is not available in your factory, Laser Wire Solutions’ air extraction systems remove smoke, odors, particles and fumes from the laser stripping area and return clean air to the room.

We can advise on the best model (including capacity specification) required for the particular laser wire stripping or cutting system you are purchasing from us. Please note, that for PVC applications, PVC specific extraction systems are available and should be used.

A fume extraction system has a pre-filter and main carbon filter. Potentially harmful fumes are extracted and filtered by the main HEPA and carbon filter to make the air safe for return to the factory. Pre-filters are required to pre-filter particles and prolong the life of the main HEPA/Carbon Filter.

Order FAQs

To ensure we match the correct machine to your requirements, please complete our contact form, email our Sales team directly, or call our office on +44 (0) 144 384 1738.

Yes, you can. We offer a free initial sample for all customers to demonstrate our machines capabilities. All you need to do is complete our Sample Request form and post approximately 2 meters of your wire or cable to our address below with a print out of your request form. Our address is:

Samples Team,
Laser Wire Solutions,
QED Centre,
A4054 Main Ave,
Treforest Industrial Estate, Pontypridd,
CF37 5YR.

We currently have a 4-6 week turnaround from receiving your wire.

Support FAQs

For initial technical support for your machine, please visit our Support Site and complete the required information. If you have any questions relating to your order, you can contact us via

The machines plug into a standard factory power supply and do not need re-aligning on shipment. Hence an installation is not 100% necessary. Most customers like the idea of an engineer visit though to help them get production started and answer any questions quickly.

You can order spare parts for your machine by contacting the Customer Service team via

This has to be carried out by a trained technician. The laser is a single unit with no maintenance parts. For training on this, please contact

This depends on how often your machine is used. Please refer to your machine manual for further information or contact

Depending on usage, you can expect to change the pre-filter quarterly and the main HEPA filter annually. An alarm will sound when there is a problem with the filter or it needs to be changed (it stops the laser wire stripper from running). At that point change the pre-filter. If any problems continue, change the main HEPA filter.

The machine will warn you if a particle filter is blocked. Take care when removing main filters as they are heavy. Always wear the protective gloves and mask provided and dispose of with the used filters in the bag provided. Protective eye wear should also be worn when changing filters.

Our products are available to purchase through our Partner network. Please view of list of International Partners here.

You can contact our customer service team via email at or phone on +44 (0) 144 384 1738.

Payment FAQs

There is a wide range of costs depending on the wire types, the level of automation required and productivity.

We only process payment via invoice at this time.

Our terms of payment are net 30 days unless otherwise stated by a Laser Wire Solutions team member.

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