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The Aerospace and Defense sectors have a wide range of wire constructions that are ideally suited to laser wire stripping. From non-round cables where mechanical methods struggle, to tough insulations like fibreglass, laser technology provides precise results each time.

Our laser solutions precisely remove the insulation without causing any damage to the conductor, offering unmatched accuracy in stripping various types of aircraft wires.

Find Out What Lasers Can Do

By using lasers, wires and cables are AIR6894A standard compliant.

  • Shielded twisted pairs
  • Airbus & Boeing insulations
  • Thin PTFE insulations
  • Kapton coatings
  • Engine theromocouples

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Explore Aerospace & Defense Wire Stripping Products

The right solution depends on your application, our team can advise on the most appropriate.

Mercury-4 M4 laser wire stripping machine-aperture fixture


An interchangeable door fixture allow for a quick change-over from single strip to multiple strip wires, or to utilize the in-line option. Suitable for removing jackets from shielded multi-conductor cables.
Mercury-5 M5 laser wire stripping machine


Designed to cross-cut and slit jackets and insulation of single conductor cables with an outer diameter of between 6mm and 20mm. Cross cut, window cut, slit and more options available.
Gemini-4 laser wire stripping machine suitable for enamel wires and cables. Its robust fiber laser technology, making it ideal for tasks such as shield cutting and enamel ablation, suitable for wire diameters up to 2mm.


Gemini-4 is best suited to high value coil applications processing enamels, polyimide, and micro-coax shields with ease.

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