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Automotive motors and stators are made from magnet wire which is a copper wire or bar coated with polyimide. Traditional means of removing the enamel insulation from such wires or bars include; induction heating and brushing, abrasive wheels, and mechanical blades. These methods require significant maintenance with regular replacement of broken parts or blunt blades. The underlying conductors are also more likely to be damaged by nicks and scrapes from the use of such tools. 

The advent of electric vehicles and general requirements for more efficient automotive motors is driving a huge increase in the use of hairpin designs which in turn requires a significant increase in enamel removal to be undertaken. 

EV Batteries

These wires have been stripped using Laser Wire Solutions technology

Elevating performance beyond conventional techniques, lasers stand as the unrivaled choice for this application, delivering unwaveringly precise ablation. With 360-degree enamel removal from around the wire, the laser’s gentle touch preserves the conductor’s integrity, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in connections. Notably, our laser machine boasts a maintenance-free design, ensuring a swift and substantial return on investment.

Market Application

  • Hairpin designs
  • EV battery interconnects
  • Battery pack assembly
  • Battery cell manufacturing
  • EV charging cables

The Wires

Laser Wire Solutions-Aerospace - bus bars
  • Busbars
  • Magnet wires and coils
  • High-voltage isolation wires
  • Thermocouples

Traditional Technology Drawbacks

  • Mechanical stripper/Exacto knife
  • Worn blades
  • No process control
  • Wire nicks/scrapes
  • Low yield (poor weld strength)

Our Solutions

Mercury 5

  • Automatic cable centralizer to ensure repeatability
  • Nick-free stripping
  • Ideal for large gauge wires
  • Up to 280mm strip length

Mercury 6

  • Ideal for large gauge wires
  • Up to 200mm strip length
  • Cross cut, window cut, slit and more
  • Automatic cable centralizer to ensure repeatability

The right configuration depends on your requirements. Contact our team to find out which solution suits your application.

Why Choose Laser Wire Stripping?

  • Non-Contact
  • No wear parts
  • Conductor strands are preserved
  • Self terminating process

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