Companies across many industries rely on the precision and reliability of laser stripping.


From micro fine catheter wires to MRI enamel coils, we specialize in laser wire stripping machinery that handles medical wires and cables with ease.


Heating and brushing, abrasive wheels, and mechanical blades usually damage underlying conductors, but lasers preserve conductor integrity.

Aerospace & Defense

From non-round cables where mechanical methods struggle, to tough insulations like fibreglass, laser technology provides precise results each time.

Data Centers

Whether transmitting vital data across vast distances or harnessing the forces of nature for human advancement lasers are powering progress one precisely stripped wire at a time.

Understanding Laser Wire Stripping

How It Works

A minimum of two laser beams are used to give a 360 degree ablation.

The laser selectively removes the required material, reflecting from the next layer. This creates a very stable process.

Laser stripping can be achieved with vaporizing (ablating) an area of insulation, cutting across the wire or cutting across and slitting.

Delivering Impact in Every Industry

We understand the demands and challenges faced by original equipment manufacturers and have a proven track record of helping organizations implement solutions to make a lasting impact on their projects and processes.

We strive to push technology forward with our partners.

Innovation is in our DNA, so whether you need a one-off prototype, are completing a pilot study involving laser wire stripping, or are venturing into using laser micro-soldering, our expert engineering team can help provide you with high level of quality and accuracy solutions.

Our research process means we work hand-in-hand with your team to understand what you are aiming to achieve. We work in such a collaborative way to the point where we are considered a member of their project team. 

Lasers are now the de facto method

Join the leading OEMs who have already converted 100% to lasers for their wire processing needs.

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