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At Laser Wire Solutions, we serve a wide range of companies around the world in industries from medical to automotive.

We work closely with each of our customers to ensure they receive the right solution for their requirements. 

Laser Wire Solutions-Industries We Serve

Delivering Impact in Every Industry

We understand the demands and challenges faced by original equipment manufacturers and have a proven track record of helping organizations implement solutions to make a lasting impact on their projects and processes.

We strive to push technology forward with our partners.

Innovation is in our DNA, so whether you need a one-off prototype, are completing a pilot study involving laser wire stripping, or are venturing into using laser micro-soldering, our expert engineering team can help provide you with high level of quality and accuracy solutions.

Our research process means we work hand-in-hand with your team to understand what you are aiming to achieve. We work in such a collaborative way to the point where we are considered a member of their project team. 


Electrical wires for catheters and other medical devices need to pass stringent quality assurance. Wires processed with our solutions are clean and consistent every time.


The increasing use of hairpin-designed magnet wires in motors and stators in electric vehicles is requires efficient removal of the enamel insulation, only possible with lasers.


The next generation of data cables present new challenges for achieving the required dimensional tolerances and to allow full automation of the cable manufacture, our laser strippers provide the solution.

Aerospace & Defense

To make terminations to the conductors of a shielded multi-conductor cable, it's necessary to remove a few inches of the cable jacket and peel back the shield, only possible using precision laser stripping solutions.

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We understand that there are different wires for each application, take a look at our Materials Library to find out if we have previously processed a similar wire to yours. 

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