Shielded Wire Stripper


The Gemini-2 is a highly flexible solution for scribing and cutting cable shields, in particular tinned micro-coax and aluminized foils. The sealed laser technology means that it’s safe to use on the open shop floor. 


Laser Wire Solutions-Gemini 2-Laser Wire Stripper


Scribe your micro-coax shields with ease using the Gemini-2. With a large processing area, the Gemini-2 allows operators process multiple wires at once leading to higher productivity. Featuring fiber laser technology, the Gemini-2 vaporizes a small volume of shield material cleanly and precisely.

Laser Wire Solutions-Gemini 2-Laser Wire Stripper

Available as stand alone, in-line or fully automated

Closed loop camera system

Compact benchtop system

  • Short Pulse Fiber Laser

    Allows accurate and precise scribing and cutting of micro-shields without damaging underlying polymer layers

  • Large Processing Area

    The large 5″ x 7″ (127 mm x 178 mm) working area, allowing multiple wires to be stripped in one go.

  • Benchtop System

    Can be operated from a sitting position with space for other tools and parts.


The Gemini-2 machine is best suited to stripping Micro-Coax Shields. Take a look through the gallery of wires stripped using the Gemini-2:

Technical Specifications

Min. Outer Cable Diameter0.025 mm (0.001″)
Max. Outer Cable Diameter2.5 mm (0.1″)
Stripping Length Increments0.1 mm (0.01″)
Strip typesScribed tinned braid, foil cutting
Max. Stripping Length125 mm (5″)
SpeedUp to 250 mm/s (10″/s)
Cable LoadingVia fixture plate – up to 10 cables at once
Dimensions (L x W x H)

720 mm (28″) x 620mm (25″) x 1000mm (40″)

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