Shielded Wire Stripper


The Gemini-4E.1 redefines wire stripping by allowing the processing of a greater number of wires simultaneously and with our improved model, you’ll have the option of three different processing setups to choose from. 

Get the visibility you prefer when processing your wires and cables.



These laser wire strippers offer an exceptional balance between affordability and performance, thanks to their robust fiber laser technology, making them ideal for tasks such as shield cutting and enamel ablation. The Gemini-4E.1 can be easily configured for various tasks, including end-strips, window cuts, slits, or even area vaporization.


The Gemini-4.1E machine is best suited to stripping Enamels, Polyimide, and Micro-Coax Shields. Take a look through the gallery of wires stripped using the Gemini-4E:

Technical Specifications

Strip typesAny pattern, including angled lines or curves
Max. Stripping LengthUp to 100mm (4″)
SpeedUp to 2000mm/s (80”/s)
Cable LoadingVia fixture plate
Dimensions (L x W x H)

860 x 430 x 975 mm

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