High Value Coils

Specialized coils or windings used in critical applications, including sensitive electronic equipment, medical devices, and aerospace systems.

High value coil

Laser wire stripping offers a superior solution for the following applications by selectively removing insulation without harming the inner conductors:

The laser’s attributes allow for precise insulation ablation without affecting metal or leaving residue.

Case Study

A global automotive supplier approached our partner searching for a solution to process their enamel coil, they required a 6mm strip on uncoiled wire.

Our partner suggested laser technology was the most suitable option to provide a clean strip with no residue. The customer submitted a sample of wire for proof of concept and the Laser Wire Solutions team were quick to identify the Gemini-4 as the best solution for this wire type.

They produced a 6x3mm hatch strip on a portion of the wire with a 12 second cycle time, having optimised it to ensure the highest level of quality for the customer. The team also conducted a solderability test so the customer could see the effectiveness of laser wire stripping.

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