Mechanical Alternate

Non-round cables, shielded twisted pairs, fibre glass insulation, bonded insulation, thin insulation, foil shields where blades do a poor job.

Mechanical Alternate Alternative Wires and Cables laser wire stripping machine

Laser wire stripping offers a superior solution for the following applications by selectively removing insulation without harming the inner conductors:

The laser’s attributes allow for precise insulation ablation without affecting metal or leaving residue.

Case Study

A leading electric vehicle manufacturer was struggling with the mechanical processing of foil under coroplast insulation, which often resulted in cut strands in the aluminium inner layer because the cable was not typically rounded.

They approached Laser Wire Solutions with a sample of their 20mm outer diameter shielded coroflex cables, and specified that they needed to reduce the amount of waste they were currently producing with their mechanical method.  

Once the Laser Wire Solutions applications team received the samples from the customer, they quickly identified that the Mercury-6 would be the ideal solution. The Mercury 6, a machine specifically designed for this type of cable, was used to process the material. The machine successfully performed a ring cut and slit on both the outer and inner jackets in approximately 18 seconds each, effectively overcoming the manufacturer’s challenge and paving the way for more efficient production processes.

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Mercury-5 M5 laser wire stripping machine


Designed to cross-cut and slit jackets and insulation of single conductor cables with an outer diameter of between 6mm and 20mm. Cross cut, window cut, slit and more options available.
Electric Vehicles Automotive Wires and Cables laser wire stripping machine

Automotive Market

The advent of electric vehicles is driving a huge increase in the use of hairpin designs that require a enamel removal. Heating and brushing, abrasive wheels, and mechanical blades usually damage underlying conductors, but lasers preserve conductor integrity.
Aerospace and Defense Wires and Cables laser wire stripping machine

Aerospace & Defense Market

From non-round cables where mechanical methods struggle, to tough insulations like fibreglass, lasers provide precise results each time. Our solutions precisely remove insulation without causing damage to the conductor, offering unmatched accuracy for aircraft wires.

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