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Prepare for a game-changer in wire stripping technology. Introducing Odyssey-8, the Compact Single Wire Laser Stripper designed to handle the most intricate tasks with unparalleled speed and precision. Are you ready to elevate your wire-stripping process? 

With no need for wire holding fixtures, a rapid cycle time, and the ability to strip wires under 0.2 mm in diameter, the Odyssey-8 redefines efficiency and precision. 

The wire stripping machine you could fit in your suitcase, slots effortlessly into any existing production line.

Unprocessed-40 AWG twisted pair wire with an outer ETFE coatingProcessed-40 AWG twisted pair wire with an outer ETFE coating processed using the Odyssey-8

40 AWG twisted pair wire with an outer ETFE coating

Unprocessed 38AWG Twisted Pair Copper Conductor with insulation layerProcessed 38AWG Twisted Pair Copper Conductor with insulation layer processed using the Odyssey-8

38 AWG twisted pair copper conductor with insulation layer

Unprocessed-26 AWG Magnet WireProcessed-26 AWG Magnet Wire processed using the Odyssey-8

26 AWG magnet wire

With the integrated fume extractor, the benchtop Odyssey-8 occupies significantly less space while still delivering on performance. And with the simple hand insert fixture or integration with other wire processing machines, it’s easy to slot straight into your existing production. 

Key Features of the Odyssey-8

Is the Odyssey-8 suitable for my application?

Whether you’re handling single, bifilar, or trifilar, the Odyssey-8 is the versatile wire processor that will make your production line smoother. The easy-to-use, recipe controlled system requires minimal training with your operators while ensuring consistent results in seconds. The machine can handle wires with a diameter of less than 0.2 mm (24 AWG) with a variety of materials with ease so it can be used for a wide range of applications.

No more heavy-duty machinery that takes up vital space in your factory. With a small footprint of 200 x 320 x 470 mm (LxWxH), the Odyssey-8 will slot straight into your production line on any bench wherever it is required. It comes with an integrated extractor, with a piece and laser hour counter to help guide servicing so you can keep your production line running.

By utilizing the power of laser processing you’ll be able to achieve high quality results, without having to rely on operator capability. It makes wire processing an easy task that can be easily completed in a matter of seconds.

While lasers can process most wire and cable materials, we recommend producing a small sample of wire for testing to ensure processing suitability. 

All Features

Ease of Use
– Automatic wire detection
– Auto start sensor
– Benchtop system

Fast Process
– 3 second cycle time
– 360 degree strip
– Up to 6 mm processing length

Spares & Accessories
– Easily available, contact


Odyssey-8 Specifications
Product Length
Product Width
Product Height
Product Weight (Laser Processing Unit)

What strip patterns are possible with the Odyssey-8?
The Odyssey-8 is best suited to end wire strips via the hand insert to strip the end of the wire but an integrated version of the Odyssey-8 is available on request.

What’s the maximum processing length?
The Odyssey-8 is capable of processing lengths of up to 6 mm, but longer parameters may be available on request.

What’s the HMI?
The Odyssey-8 utilizes a 7-inch touchscreen display which can be accessed using an RFID badge login.

How do I order?
Complete the short form below or email directly to discuss your requirements. We recommend sending a sample of your wire for us to process and check the suitability, we’ll then provide you with a report to ensure the results meet your requirements.

What support will I receive with this machine?
All our machines come with a 1-year warranty and you will have the option to purchase training for a small team of operators. As your warranty reaches its expiry, you’ll have the option to extend this warranty or pay for ad-hoc support from our Service team.


The Odyssey-8 is suitable for single, bifilar, and trifilar wires. 

The machine can process a wide range of materials but we recommend consulting a Laser Wire Solutions expert before stripping a new type of material other than what we processed during your sample.


The Odyssey-8 features a piece count and laser hour count to track when your machine will need servicing. Your machine should only be maintained by a Laser Wire Solutions Service Engineer or an individual who has received the correct level of training. Full training options can be found on our Service page.


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