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Installation and Servicing

Selecting the right machine for your requirements is vital to ensure you meet your project deadlines and regulatory guidelines. 

Blue chip companies around the globe trust us to carry out expert installations and services on their Laser Wire Solutions machines. 

We have a team of service engineers who work closely with each machine before shipping so they know how best to install and service them too.

Laser Wire Solutions Machine Installation

All our machines plug into a standard factory power supply and do not need re-aligning on shipment. They are also supplied with a comprehensive operator, supervisor and maintenance manual. Hence an installation service is not 100% necessary.

However, most customers like the idea of an engineer visit to help them get production ready and answer any questions quickly and directly.

We have an optional 1, 2 or 3 day Installation and Training package (duration depends on the system and application) that you can purchase when you buy your equipment. You also have the option to add on further training days, if the team you are training is large and the scale of production warrants it.

Laser Wire Solutions Machine Servicing

Our laser machines do not have parts that need regular replacing or servicing. They comprise of parts that are commercially available so that you are not restricted to sourcing solely from us.

Filters on fume extraction systems will need periodic replacement (pre-filters change quarterly, main filters annually) and the lenses on optical components and cameras may need cleaning now and again with specialist wipes.

Lasers provide a relatively long life (between 30,000 and 40,000 hours or 5 and 10 years for our Mercury systems based on power-on rather than strip time). If a laser should ever fail this would need to be replaced by a qualified laser engineer.

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