Laser Wire Solutions Supports Welsh Engineers of the Future

At Laser Wire Solutions, we’re committed to growing and supporting the next generation of Welsh engineers so when Ioan Webber joined Laser Wire Solutions for a summer internship in recent years, we were keen to support Ioan further when we learnt about his academic and engineering career aspirations.

Now studying General Engineering at Cambridge University, Ioan credits his time at Laser Wire Solutions as one of the catalysts for guiding his studies towards his chosen specialisation.

Ioan’s Story

My name is Ioan Webber, I’m a second-year undergraduate currently studying general engineering at the University of Cambridge. I am from and grew up in Swansea, South Wales where I attended Olchfa Comprehensive and Gower College Swansea.

The inspiration to study engineering comes largely from my dad as we often work together on projects, and he introduced me to 3D printing. In the future, from exposure through university and work placements with Laser Wire Solutions, I wish to pursue electrical and control engineering in more depth. I hope this will provide me a solid grounding to work towards big impact projects of the future.

I came to learn about Laser Wire Solutions and took a great interest in their innovation and want to find solutions to solve often life-saving problems. I found that they could offer a summer placement, which would help me to gain real-world experience, work with experienced engineers, and create links with my university studies.

“Laser Wire Solutions is a great place to work”

Following the first summer placement, I have been subsequently offered a bursary to help with the costs of attending university as a way of continuing the relationship. On top of this, Laser Wire Solutions has also kindly offered to provide further support with summer placements until the end of my course as well as support with my final year project.

The first 10-week summer placement that I undertook was an extremely positive experience where I could perform research alongside engineers in different fields and compile reports on areas of engineering that interested me and could be used to influence future decisions.

Having returned to studies since then, my experience has put greater clarity on the types of engineering and how they are used in a working practice which will help my choices when it comes time to fully specialise in an area of my choice.

Ioan’s Advice to Fellow Engineers of the Future

Laser Wire Solutions is a great place to work, where you will have engineering support from an expert team. I would greatly recommend any similar schemes to my summer placement to anyone that is interested in engineering and is looking to learn more about their subject and how it operates.

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