Automotive Laser Wire Stripping

The majority of automotive wires and cables are stripped using automated mechanical systems, inclusive of termination and even connector insertion.

However, an increasing number of speciality wire types are being used in the automotive industry that require laser wire stripping solutions.

The applications are best suited to our add-on automation solutions where the laser wire stripper is used in conjunction with an automatic measure and cut system. This enables laser stripped cables to be produced at high production rates.

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ELECTRIC VEHICLE CABLESStripped-end-section-M5

With vehicle electrification a vastly growing business, our laser wire strippers are the only effective means of stripping high voltage, large diameter cables with multiple insulation layers. With the design of our Mercury-5 and Mercury-6 laser machines, we have taken laser stripping to the next level. These are auto-focus machines that take the strain and scrappage cost out of stripping tough insulation from large diameter cables.


Increasingly used due to its compact geometry. Auto wire stripping can be used for programmable window stripping or fold lines for fast change parts.

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DATA CABLESInfiniband_rotated_and_cropped

Modern car design is incorporating a large amount of data wiring as our requirements for information and connectivity increase. It is not uncommon to come across automotive applications where these more delicate data cables are having to be laser stripped as conventional mechanical tools are not achieving the required high yield.

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Due to the high volume, low cost nature of auto wiring, most laser wire stripping applications benefit from automatic wire feeding. 

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