Introducing Our New Look

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new logo and website as part of the ongoing evolution of the Laser Wire Solutions brand! It’s a new look for Laser Wire Solutions that we believe better matches the transformation we’ve made as a company over the last 11 years and as a solutions provider.

After going through many different logo ideas and sketches, we couldn’t be happier with the final results. We have chosen a new logo that is modern with key elements that underpin and convey our mission. Our mission being to break new ground using laser technology and robotics, while remaining true to our longstanding reputation of providing reliable technology for handling wires and cables.

The new brand colors are navy blue and light blue. Both colors are symbolic of creativity, knowledge, and reliability; which represents our creative and knowledgeable team who continue work tirelessly to improve the future of interconnects.

The Reasoning Behind Our Rebrand

Since our initial launch back in late 2011, we’ve had a couple of different logos. However, both our technology and company have evolved — especially over the past year. Since 2011, we’ve expanded from a 2-person team, to a team of over fifty, which we are continuing to grow. The team has been busy over the last 11 years, producing new and innovative solutions for customers around the world, as well as introducing a new Contract Manufacturing business unit.

The pulse or beam icon in the logo represents a laser beam with a reference to the medical industry which we work closely with and who continue to inspire our work.

Sleeker Design for Our Website

Along with announcing our new brand logo, we have revamped our website too; The new site comes in a modern, clean, and organized layout to provide visitors with easy access to information about the solutions we provide, highlighting our capabilities in laser wire stripping and soldering.

These changes reflect the growth-minded culture of our company and are designed to inspire and further elevate us as we continue to provide innovative solutions for our customers.

Seonaid Rees, Marketing Lead at Laser Wire Solutions, has said, “Our new branding represents where we are heading as a company, and the new website sends a clearer message to our customers about how we can support them.

We’ve come such a long way since our inception in 2011 and there are a lot of exciting things happening at the Laser Wire Solutions HQ so this is just the start of bigger things for us”

The rebrand change will not involve any modifications to the nature or operations of the company, nor will it in any way affect our existing relations with our clients and partners.

However, if you have used the Laser Wire Solutions logo in any of your marketing materials, please help us in updating them by emailing so we can provide you with our new brand toolkit.

This is just the beginning. We have a lot of exciting things planned. So, stay tuned!

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