Launch of Innovative Odyssey-4 Fuels Company Growth


Odyssey-4 Compact Enamel Wire Stripper


Earlier this year the Odyssey-4 was launched in response to a need for a more compact UV laser wire stripper for high precision applications, such as the stripping of ultra-fine medical device polyimide wires and high-performance magnet wire coils.

Apart from its small footprint, which means it can be easily retro-fitted within existing manufacturing lines, the Odyssey-4 system can also be configured to strip wires in-line, from spool to spool, using a precision wire transport system. As it’s fully automated, no operator input is required.


The stripping of micron-thin insulation is clean, fast and of a high standard. Strip quality is verifiable with a reliable closed-loop camera vision system monitoring every stage of the process.

The medical industry has seen a revolution in the miniaturisation of medical devices and Laser Wire Solutions has worked closely with its customers to ensure that this wire stripping technology is fit for purpose and moreover will help them build the next generation of high precision medical devices.

With the Odyssey-4, medical device manufacturers now have an affordable, accurate and reliable system that can help them ensure consistency of quality, reduce scrappage rates and improve production efficiencies. Furthermore, this same technology can also be utilised in foil cutting for infiniband cables used in the data communications market.

The expansion of the Odyssey range of UV laser wire strippers means that the company can now broaden its presence in existing export markets, such as USA, Mexico and China, as well as exploit new market opportunities.


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Odyssey-4 Product page for more information on this system.

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