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Stripping Coated Medical Wire

Using laser light to remove wire insulation allows for high precision and high quality connections of high value wires within medical devices. Typically, electrical wires for catheters and other medical devices are stripped using chemical or manual means, resulting in poor and inconsistent results. Lasers ensure a clean and consistent strip each time.

Wires stripped using our solutions are found in OEM medical devices around the world. Find out more about how our laser wire strippers can aid in the production of your medical device.


Laser Wire Stripping for Medical Devices

The medical device manufacturing market requires very high quality processes coupled with ever more complex and delicate wiring systems.

Laser wire stripping can meet many of the challenges of the industry and will continue to be the method of choice as smaller and more delicate medical devices continue to evolve.

In medical device manufacturing, selecting the correct wires and cables for the job and properly processing them is of extreme importance. Laser wire stripping can ensure higher quality processing for several different medical applications.

Advantages of Laser Wire Stripping for Medical Devices

  • High precision
  • User friendly
  • Semi-automatic process
  • Clean
  • Safe for users

Medical Device Applications

The medical market has a high level of need for the capabilities of laser wire stripping solutions due to the combination of requirements for very high quality, coupled with ever more complex and delicate wiring systems.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of common applications.

Catheter Wire Stripping

Catheters are used to guide a medical probe or device to the required tissue. The highest demands are placed on reducing wiring size to improve manoeuvrability and increase functionality. These wires are easily nicked using traditional methods.

Find out more how our technology can help.

Pacemaker Electrodes

A heart pacemaker electrode is a highly flexible spring that has a very thin, clear insulation (often PTFE), that is not easy to strip using conventional laser stripping technology.

Find out how we have designed a system that effectively strips such coatings.

Hypodermic Tubing Coatings

The hypotube is a long metal tube that fits into the balloon portion of a catheter. Balloon catheters are used to open up clogged arteries.

Read more about how lasers can automate the removal of the extruded coating of such hypodermic tubing.

Medical Power Tools

Medical power tools must have the highest levels of quality and reliability. Traditional mechanical brushing and abrading of enameled motor windings can introduce dangerous particulates into the end product. Laser stripping offers a clean alternative.

Fine Wire Applications

Small gauge single conductors are very common in medical devices. We specialize in solutions to remove insulations from wires down to and beyond 50 AWG without damage to the conductor. Find out more about fine wire applications, here.

Mirco Coaxial Ribbons

Our laser stripping machines offer unique capabilities in stripping shielded micro-coax (such as those found in ultra-sound cable) as well as producing precision windows in miniature ribbon cable assemblies. Laser stripping guarantees quality results.


Our Solutions

We have developed fully-automated and semi-automated systems which allow for an accurate and consistent product each time.

Our solutions provides you with an efficient and consistent method for stripping your wires.

Explore our range of laser wire stripping solutions suitable for medical device production below. If you need assistance in finding the right solution for your requirements, or you would like to discuss a custom project, get in touch with our solutions experts today.


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