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Medical Wire Stripping

Applications | Medical

Catheters are used to guide a medical probe or device to the required tissue. The highest demands are placed on reducing wiring size to improve manoeuvrability and increase functionality. Consequently, the search begins to find new and better ways to strip the tough insulation on these miniature wires. Find out more how our technology can help.

A heart pacemaker electrode is a highly flexible spring that has a very thin, clear insulation (often PTFE), that is not easy to strip using conventional laser stripping technology. Find out how we have designed a system that effectively strips such coatings.

Our Odyssey range of wire strippers are a perfect solution for medical power tools.

The hypotube is a long metal tube that fits into the balloon portion of a catheter. Balloon catheters are used to open up clogged arteries. Read more about how lasers can automate the removal of the extruded coating of such hypodermic tubing.

Small gauge single conductors are very common in medical devices, whether found in a catheter delivered device or in a cochlear implant or hearing aid. We specialize in solutions to remove insulations from wires down to and beyond 50 AWG without damage to the conductor.

Our laser stripping machines offer unique capabilities in stripping shielded micro-coax (such as those found in ultra-sound cable) as well as producing precision windows in miniature ribbon cable assemblies.

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By purchasing a laserwire stripping machine from us you are tapping into our ongoing knowledge and expertise. We are on-hand to assist with the installation and setup of your new machine as well as ongoing support and servicing.

Laser Wire Solutions is building on its core expertise to develop cutting-edge laser soldering capability at a sub 0.1 mm pitch. We are developing an automated precision micro-machining and soldering process that is an alternative for customers that are reliant on human operators.

We love to be able to solve customers’ manufacturing problems, no matter the size, precision, volume or material. If our off-the-shelf systems are not suitable, we are able to custom-build one that is best suited for your desired purpose and objectives.