5 Reasons to do an Engineering Work Placement

In today’s fast-paced world, many people are looking for ways to increase their earning potential. The engineering field is one of the most promising career paths available. However, it can be difficult to break into this competitive field without first securing some valuable experience. One of the best ways to gain this experience is by working as an intern or apprentice with a reputable company.

Laser Wire Solutions employees are some of the brightest minds in the industry. As a company, we understand the importance of nurturing talent and supporting their development in engineering disciplines. One way of doing this is through Work Placements, where students will have the opportunity to experience working in a specific role(s) with our company for a brief period of time.

Here, we will explore how work placements for students offer many benefits and highlight why Laser Wire Solutions is the perfect home to support engineering talent.

What Are The Benefits Of A Work Placement To A Student?

You Can Learn More Skills

Work placements provide students a real flavor of the Engineering World at Work.

A work placement doesn’t mean you’ll be in charge of the tea run or photocopying. Instead, it’s time to transfer what you’ve learned during your studies and apply it to the real world.

They allow a student to develop not just soft skills (time management, organization, etc), but to learn and apply technical skills from both their studies and the workplace whilst undertaking real projects.

At Laser Wire Solutions we believe undertaking a work placement means you’ll be given real responsibilities and opportunities that will be both challenging and interesting. We aim to maximize your confidence in a real working environment, giving you a head start and real-life examples ready for when you return back to your studies.

Your CV Looks More Attractive To Future Employers

Finding a job after graduation can be tough with so much competition. Work placements are a great supplement to your CV and can really help with the inevitable competition you’ll face during the chaotic graduate job search. Laser Wire Solutions like to see that you’re ambitious and enthusiastic, as well as have a genuine interest in developing your industry awareness and knowledge.

Laser Wire Solutions do not instantly expect post-graduate candidates to have undertaken lots of work experience throughout their academic studies. However, work placements do really help set you apart from the crowd, especially in such an in-demand industry and innovative company.

We take great solace that those who have undertaken a work placement have already been able to ‘test-drive’ a career, and therefore make a more informed decision about what they wish to do after graduation.

You Can Make Contacts For The Future

Work experience means that you not only meet professionals within Laser Wire Solutions, but also external connections. This gives you the opportunity to get plenty of pointers on who how to progress your career, plus get to know others others who can to support you during your studies. Not only could it support your learning and development, by exposing you to new environments and cultures, it can also open doors to your future employment.

You Can Learn Your Engineering Preferences

Doing a work placement allows you to understand how different engineering disciplines are utilized in the workplace. Undergoing placements within different engineering disciplines or companiescan help you decide which one you prefer overall, along with helping you to understand your personal strengths and weaknesses as an engineer

Many engineers at Laser Wire Solutions described how they changed their engineering focus often during their studies, but by undertaking work placements they were able to understand their preference by the final academic year and really concentrate on their studies knowing this was a choice for their future.

You Might Even Get A Job From It

Many graduates who have undertaken work placements are lucky enough to be offered a job with the same company following graduation, it’s the most common ways to enter the job market (after all it’s a relatively safe bet for employers).

Laser Wire Solutions also encourages a close relationship with those that have undertaken work placements with us, sometimes offering sponsorship for studies, and offering guidance and support on final year projects.

Some students decide that they would like to work for us before or during the placement, so a placement provides the best way of impressing and lining up a future job with Laser Wire Solutions.

Apply Today!

Whether you refer to them as engineering internships, degree student placements, or just industrial work experience, they are a fantastic way for talented engineers of the future to kick-start their careers, as well as being a vital way for Laser Wire Solutions to understand and nurture the skills we need. Of the Engineers at Laser Wire Solutions, virtually all remember their work placements, and the positive impact it had on their career. One engineer explained, “my work placement gave me direction and confirmation that engineering was the right thing for me!”

Interested in undertaking a work placement at Laser Wire Solutions? Contact us today to learn more.

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