Advances Wales: The Impact of the Odyssey-4 in Medical Device Manufacture

August 1, 2018 10:35 AM


Odyssey-4 Feature in Advances Wales Summer Issue 85


The Odyssey-4 laser wire stripper is the first off-the-shelf, compact laser wire stripper developed in recognition of the trend towards miniaturisation in the medical device market and in response to a critical need to accurately strip the insulation from very fine, delicate wires, such as catheter wires.

By making wire stripping more precise and reliable for manufacturers, the Odyssey-4 laser stripping technology enables the development of more innovative medical devices. These devices provide direct patient benefits in terms of improved diagnosis and treatment of critical diseases and illnesses.

Examples include key-hole surgery and electro-physiology (EP). This is the diagnosis or treatment of illnesses through the use of electricity. A common example is the treatment of heart arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat) by 3D-mapping of the heartbeat with a mapping catheter and then killing of the irregular beating cells with an ablation catheter. Through the development of miniature catheter-delivered probes through incisions in the leg – these life-threatening conditions can now be treated with minimal invasion into the body. Other examples include breaking up blood clots with ultrasonic transducers, or preventing epileptic fits through measurement and modification of brain signals.

Read the Advances Wales article (page 20) to discover more about this clever technology.

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