Laser Wire Solutions Named Finalist for Two Awards at Fast Growth 50 Awards

In a significant recognition of our rapid expansion and innovation in the field of laser wire processing technology, Laser Wire Solutions has been named a finalist for not one, but two awards at the prestigious Fast Growth 50 Awards. The announcement comes as a testament to our teams dedication to excellence and their remarkable contribution to the industry.

The Fast Growth 50 Awards, organized annually, celebrate the success and growth of businesses across various sectors. This year, Laser Wire Solutions has been shortlisted for two prominent awards: “Fastest Growing Business in Wales” and ” Fastest Growing Technology and Digital firm in Wales”.

In recent years, we are delighted to announce that we have made remarkable strides in the field of laser wire processing technology, revolutionizing the way industries handle wire stripping and processing tasks. Our innovative solutions have not only improved efficiency but have also significantly reduced waste and operational costs for OEMs around the world.

Laser Wire Solutions has been serving a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical devices, and our innovative solutions have played a pivotal role in advancing manufacturing processes across the board.

The winners of the Fast Growth 50 Awards will be announced at the awards ceremony on November 30th 2023, where industry leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs will come together to celebrate outstanding achievements in business and technology in Wales.

Laser Wire Solutions’ recognition as a finalist for these awards is not only a moment of pride for the company but also a testament to the limitless potential of laser wire processing technology to transform industries and drive growth.

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