Introducing the Mercury-4 Indexing Fixture: Precision and Efficiency in Wire Stripping

We are excited to unveil the latest innovation in cable management – the Mercury-4 Rotary Indexing Fixture Plate. Designed with meticulous attention to detail in mind, this new addition to the Mercury-4 fixturing options promises to revolutionize the way wires and cables are handled, ensuring a precise and repeatable process for professionals across various industries.

The Mercury-4 Indexing Fixture Plate is engineered to securely hold wires and cables of different gauges, presenting them centrally to the scanner. This central presentation is crucial for achieving better insulation cutting, particularly for larger wires. By ensuring the wire is perfectly aligned, the indexing fixture enhances the capability of the cross cut to complete further around the full circumference of large wires and cables, resulting in cleaner, more accurate cuts.

Here’s what makes the Rotary Indexing Fixture Plate a must-have:

  • Product Type: Fixture Plate
  • Strip Length: Capable of handling up to 50mm (2”) strips
  • Compatible Machines: Designed specifically for use with the Mercury-4
  • Strip Types: Cross cut and strip
  • Number of Guide Tubes: Equipped with 4 guide tubes for versatile cable management

One of the standout features of the Mercury-4 Indexing Fixture is its ease of use. True to the Mercury-4’s reputation for flexibility, the indexing fixture can be quickly and easily changed according to operator requirements, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

With the Mercury-4 Indexing Fixture Plate, precision and repeatability are guaranteed, making it an indispensable tool for professionals who demand the highest standards in cable and wire processing. Whether you’re working with small gauge wires or larger cables, this innovative fixture plate will ensure your operations are smooth, accurate, and efficient.

Experience the difference that precision engineering can make. The Rotary Indexing Fixture is designed to fit to existing Mercury-4 machines so upgrade your Mercury-4 today with the new Indexing Fixture Plate and take your cable management to the next level.

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