Laser Wire Solutions at Productronica 2017


CEO Paul Taylor tesing the Odyssey-4 in the lab


Laser Wire Solutions is to exhibit alongside its global partner Schleuniger at this year’s productronica show in Munich between 14th and 17th November on Stand 371, Hall 5.

“It should be an exciting event”, comments Laser Wire Solutions CEO Paul Taylor, “as we have a number of new and highly innovative products to showcase and demonstrate to our clients, chief amongst these is the Mercury-5”.

The Mercury-5 is the culmination of many months of research and development and is a collaborative effort between Laser Wire Solutions and Schleuniger. The Mercury-5 is more specifically suited to automotive applications and in particular the manufacture of electric vehicles, where there is a need to strip large diameter electric cables. With auto-focus functionality, the Mercury-5 can strip tough outer jackets of up to 20mm in diameter in strip lengths of up to 250mm.

Another new product which Laser Wire Solutions unveiled earlier this year is the Odyssey-4. Its capabilities will be publicly demonstrated for the first time at this significant international event. Featuring UV laser technology, the machine can strip enamel (polyimide) wires down to 50 AWG or less. Synonymous with precision and quality this is a cost-effective solution for the ablation of ultra-fine wires. The system can be fitted with an optional wire transport system to enable stripping of wires automatically from spool to spool with no operator input required.  Link here for more information on the Odyssey-4.

Alongside the above, there will be a chance to see the Mercury-4 and Mercury-2 carbon dioxide laser wire strippers in action.

The Mercury-4 is distributed through the Schleuniger global sales network. It’s a powerful, slim benchtop machine that can process wires and shielded cables quickly and cleanly. Nick-free stripping can be achieved at up to 3000mm (120”) per second (depending on the type of material), with /- 0.102mm (0.004”) repeatability for the best quality every time. With quick change-over door fixtures and optional external de-reeler and controller, the Mercury-4 is highly flexible and can handle single, multiple or in-line wire stripping applications. Any strip pattern can be accommodated, including angled lines, curves, windows, cross-cuts and slits to perfectly match your cable layout.

The Mercury-4 can be used as a stand-alone benchtop unit or can be interfaced to any Schleuniger Cut & Strip machine for window stripping with a 100% circumferential strip. The Mercury-4 is now well established and proven in the field. It is the ultimate solution for handling a broad range of insulation materials and colours.  Link here for more information on the Mercury-4.

Last but by no means least, is the Mercury-2. This is a real workhorse laser wire stripper, bigger in construction than the Mercury-4 and with a larger processing area of 180mm x 120mm – therefore allowing for a greater number of wires to be fixtured and stripped.  Link here for more information on the Mercury-2.

Laser Wire Solutions is expecting this to be a very busy show with lots of opportunities for clients and other interested parties to bring along their wires for testing and demonstrating proof of capability. To help with your enquiries and provide demonstrations at the show, Laser Wire Solutions will have in attendance:

Paul Taylor – Chief Physicist and CEO
Phil Dodson – Director of Sales & Operations
Adrian Thomas – Regional Sales Manager
Esther Apoussidis – Sales & Marketing Manager

We look forward to welcoming you on Stand 371 Hall 5. For more information on the show, please visit the organiser’s website.

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