Laser Wire Solutions Expands Into Korean Market with HumanTek

HumanTek have joined Laser Wire Solutions as part of the Korea arm of our distribution partner network.

With immediate effect, Laser Wire Solutions and HumanTek are working together to serve the wire stripping market in Korea. HumanTek already boast a strong portfolio of products they provide to the Korean market, in particular Schleuniger and Komax products, so HumanTek is a perfect strategic partner for Laser Wire Solutions to strengthen its market presence in the East Asia market. While Laser Wire Solutions has existing relationships with partners in the Asia region, the company have decided to push its presence to the next level by joining forces with HumanTek.

Humantech specializes in supplying equipment for semiconductors, SMT (surface mount technology), electrical/electronics, wire harnesses, collaborative robots and self-driving robot systems, and various advanced manufacturing processes based on advanced automation technology and know-how accumulated over 20 years. They are a Total Solution Provider that develops and supplies customized automation equipment based on customer requirements.

Laser Wire Solutions, a leader in laser wire stripping technology, provides high-precision solutions for industries requiring meticulous wire processing. By partnering with HumanTek, Laser Wire Solutions aims to tap into HumanTek’s established market presence and distribution channels in Korea. This collaboration is expected to enhance customer support, streamline distribution, and expand market reach.

Together, Laser Wire Solutions and HumanTek are committed to delivering superior wire stripping solutions to the Korean market. This partnership is set to bring advanced technologies and customized solutions to customers, ensuring they meet the highest standards of efficiency and precision.

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