If you’re looking for a laser wire stripper solution to strip and connect high-tech wires or complex cables, then you’ve come to the right people at Laser Wire Solutions.

We are leaders in the field of laser wire stripping. We design and manufacture laser wire strippers for the precision removal of insulation from high-tech cables and wires. Our customers in the defense, aerospace, automotive, data and medical sectors value our partnership approach to solving critical wire processing problems and our ability to innovate and develop solutions that meet their specific needs.

For niche and medical device applications, we also offer a contract wire stripping service to allow you to develop a proof of concept prototype or enable you to validate a process before ramping up to full scale production. Contract stripping can also be a viable option where volumes are low, yet quality and value of end product remain a critical consideration.

We offer both standard machines and custom-build machines that can be operated with a touchscreen or foot switch or which can be fully automated using a wire feed system and incorporated into your existing production line for maximum productivity.

Putting yourself in the hands of the experts in laser wire stripping with extensive knowledge of lasers, optical systems and process know-how, you can be confident of finding the right solution for your application.

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