Gemini Laser Wire Stripper

Gemini are a range of fiber laser based wire strippers that are perfectly matched for cutting and area removal of metallic shields.

The infra-red laser radiation is strongly absorbed by metals but is largely transparent to plastics, making it possible to remove metallic shields from dielectrics without damaging them underneath.

Key applications include the cutting of soldered micro-coax shields as part of full micro-coax stripping. The other key applications include ablation of bonded shields from flat flexible cables and the cutting of fine wire.

The Gemini systems are available in a number of models depending on product requirements:


A dual axis scribing system. An ideal solution for cutting aluminized mylar foil used in data cables such as infiniband - or for scribing the soldered shields of micro-coax.


  • 7" (175 mm) process area
  • 12" (300 mm/s) max cutting speed


  • 20-50 Watt models
  • 0.004" (0.1mm) repeatability
  • Progammable scribe position
  • No need for PC
  • Color touchscreen with 99 saved process recipes
  • No maintenance required
  • Cables loaded via provided fixture plate which can also accurately interface with our Mercury systems
  • Footswitch start
  • Fully FDA and CE compliant for use on the factory floor





GeminiThe highest performance Gemini system - ideally suited for micro-coax shield cutting (soldered and solderless) as well as ablation of bonded shields

  • Only double sided scanning system in the market
  • Highest speed and precision - up to 150"/s (4000mm/s) process speed
  • Highest accuracy <<0.004" (<<0.1 mm)
  • Strip any conceivable line or filled area
  • Process area of 4"x2" (100 x 50 mm) as standard
  • Progamming via PC based graphical user interface. Download programs to machine via ethernet. PC not required on the shop floor.
  • No maintenance required
  • Fully FDA and CE compliant for use on the factory floor