Mercury Laser Wire Strippers for Polymer Insulation Removal



Our Mercury laser wire stripping machines are designed to strip all types of polymer insulations, such as jackets, ribbons and dialetrics, from high-tech wires to high-voltage cables.  The choice of model depends on the type of application and the strip requirement. The suffix numbers differentiate the optical system used.

  • Mercury-2: dual axis stripping, i.e. cuts in 2 dimensions, across and along the wire
  • Mercury-4: galvo scanners, i.e. cuts multi-dimensionally, including curves
  • Mercury-5: 3-beam mirror system with auto-focus lenses
  • Mercury-6: fully rotational for large circumference, multi-layer cables.

To help select a product, browse the products below,  contact us now or look at which markets use laser wire stripping and what are the most common laser stripping solutions for more information. 



Fully featured versatile dual-axis laser wire stripper. Capable of all the functions of the Mercury-1 plus creation of windows and slits in cable jackets.



A powerful carbon dioxide laser which strips all materials and colors.

  • high speed optics enable stripping, slitting and total insulation vaporization
  • flexible color touchscreen interface
  • multiple power options
  • integration with cut and strip machines.


A laser stripping machine that strips large gauge, single conductor jackets:

  • Auto-focus to allow rapid change-over between wire sizes: 1 mm (0.04") to 20 mm (0.79")
  • Long stripping length up to 200 mm (7.9")
  • Easy to use
  • Compact, bench-top unit.



A powerful laser stripping machine for large, multi-layer cables, such as Coroplast HV cables:

  • Fast-loading, with adjustable focus for changing between wire sizes up to 30 mm outer diameter
  • Highly flexible and robust
  • Unique cable end locating system for accurate length stripping.




We offer a range of custom wire stripping solutions - either as a single machine solution - or by integrating other wire processing machines to form a line.