Odyssey Precision Wire Strippers



Our Odyssey range of enamel wire strippers are the highest precision strippers on the market. Capable of the highest quality removal of thin polyimide like coatings from medical catheter wiring and precision coils.

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Custom precision wire stripper system for the selective removal of insulation from multi-filar catheter wiring. Includes ultra-high stability optical system and vision system for precise part location



Standard system for the precision laser stripping of enamel coated wires. As with the Odyssey-1 this system delivers the highest possible quality stripping of medical catheter wiring and high performance coils. This simpler configuration strips straight across all wires with no selective stripping capability



Custom systems for the automatic, high precision stripping and cutting of fine gage magnet wire from the spool.

The systems can be configured to strip one or more wires simultaneously from two sides. The machines can either respool the stripped wire, or can be set to cut and lay the wires into a deposit tray.