Odyssey Laser Wire Stripper

Odyssey is a range of ultra-violet laser wire strippers for the highest precision stripping applications. The short wavelength of the laser source ablates tough insulations with little or no heat enabling a clean strip on even the finest wires. The small laser spot allows windows to be stripped in small gage ribbon wires without cutting into the adjacent wires. In addition the laser can be used to cut fine wire, making it possible to strip and cut to extremely high tolerance including staggering the ends of ribbons.


42AWG enamelled ribbon cable for a catheter based application. The four windows were individually ablated by the precision laser and subsequently cut as part of the same process


Odyssey-1 precision laser stripper


Available in a range of models, Odyssey technology can be matched to any fine wire ablation requirements.

Odyssey 1

  • Individual window stripping and cutting of enamel fine wire ribbons
  • Highest precision model - better than 0.5 thou (10 micron) repeatability
  • High magnification vision system for automatic strip orientation
  • Fixtured loading of multiple ribbons for increased productivity
  • On board power monitoring

Odyssey 2

  • Compact, lower functionality model where individual windows are not required (all wires of a ribbon are stripped together)
  • 1 thou (25 micron) strip length repeatabilityHighest precision model - better than 0.5 thou (10 micron) repeatability
  • Automated double sided stripping on the stationary wires
  • An excellent choice for catheter wiring or high precision motor/inductor coils
  • Floor mounted with ergonomic sitting position for loading and processing



Odyssey 3

  • All the benefits of Odyssey 1 and 2 integrated into automatic wire feed for unattended operation


Materials stripped

Most materials with the exception of fluoropolymers (PTFE, ETFE, PFA etc) can be cleanly stripped with Odyssey technology. The following is a short list:

  • Most enamel types...
  • Polyurthethane Enamel UEW UEWF
  • Polyester Enamel PEW
  • Polyester-imide EIW
  • Polyamide-imide AIW
  • Kapton
  • ML