Titan Laser Wire Stripper

The Titan is a fully automated micro-coax stripping system. The Titan incorporates up to 4 laser sources for cutting the coax jacket, shield and dielectric.

It also features a state of the art gripper and slug pulling system that precisely pulls back the prepped ribbon after each stage.



The Benefits

Traditionally, micro-coax is laser stripped by a multi-step process. In order to cut the micro-coax shield without damaging the dielectric, it is dipped in solder to form a solid mass. This requires the parts to be transferred between two laser systems and a series of off-line jigs that are used to pull back the cut slug after each process step. The Titan performs all of these steps on-board as the soldering process is not needed and the advanced slug pulling system is incorporated into the machine. For more details of the traditional micro-coax stripping method see - micro-coax.

In addition, the latest generations of micro-coax have very little shield - in some cases - just a few strands. It is not possible to solder this light shielding into a solid mass for scribing and snapping. In these cases, the Titan is the only automatic processing solution available.

How it works

Titan wire strippers utilize Carbon Dioxide Laser Technology to cut the coax jacket and dielectric. This is the same technology found in our Mercury strippers. . It also incorporates fiber technology for cutting the micro-coax shield as found in our Gemini range. By careful control of the shield cutting fiber laser, it is possible to directly cut through the micro-coax shield without damaging the delicate dielectric underneath. This enables the stripping of the micro-coax in a single process. The system includes a fully automated gripper and slug pulling system that is utilizes to pull back the cut ends in order to access the underlying layers.

Titan-1: automatic micro-coax preparation system

The Process

The process is as follows:

  • ribbonized micro-coax are loaded onto a fixture plate. As many ribbons as can be fitted onto the 8 inch (200 mm) wide plate can be processed simultaneously
  • The safety door is closed and the fixture automatically lowers into the laser zone and the ribbon ends are gripped by pneumatic grippers
  • The jacket is then cut with carbon dioxide lasers
  • The cut jacket is then pulled back by the fixture system to reveal the shields underneath
  • Fiber lasers are then used to precisely cut through the coax shield
  • The cut shield within the jacket slug are then pulled back by the fixture system to reveal the dielectric underneath
  • The carbon dioxide lasers are then used to cut through the dielectric
  • Finally the fixture system pulls back the dielectric to reveal the conductors





Standard Features

  • High speed optical beam delivery system up to 125"/s (3200 mm/s)
  • High accuracy strip positioning <0.2 thou (<5 microns)
  • High accuracy slug pulling <1 thou (<25 microns)
  • Automatic sequencing of up to 4 lasers for cutting jacket, shield and dielectric
  • Highly versatile: from 50 AWG up to 20 AWG micro-coax ribbon
  • Integrated color touchscreen control system with multiple process recipes
  • Precision cable fixturing
  • Fume extraction and air purifier to keep optics clean
  • Ergonomic cable loading
  • Fully OSHA and CE compliant with interlocked safety covers



  • Closed loop power control for best process stability
  • Onboard beam profiling system for monitoring optical system performance
  • Barcode job selection
  • Productivity data storage and sharing with Company network
  • Double power lasers for increased productivity